ultimate car alarm and protector


If my R&D department existed, they would be feverishly developing this exciting new product : a force field around your car.  It is made from energy, and it renews itself automatically (plus uses solar power to compensate for energy loss).  Not only does it keep someone from breaking into your car, but it also stops people from opening their door into your car.  I think this would sell like hotcakes…


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  1. Make it where you can enable the force field while driving, so if you run over stuff it doesn’t scuff your car… 🙂

  2. A little tip for your R/D dept. (especially if you take TW’s advice): You can make the force field cover all of the exterior of the car ONLY if enabled while driving. Otherwise, you could never touch the steering wheel, gear shift, pedals, etc. as you float above your force field protected seat. Oh, and the tires can’t be covered either. If you did, you’d never get any traction because the tires would deflect the pavement. Also, be sure the antennae is free of this field as well. While radio waves could possibly penetrate such a field, the electro-magnetism of it all *could* interfere with reception and cause much static and that would make you stop and, at least for a moment, think to yourself, “Man, this force field really sucks! I’d rather die in a car crash than have to listen to all the static.” But, if you think it through, you’ll soon realize that static, as annoying as it may be, is an acceptable alternative to death in a car crash. So, take it from me: avoid all this by leaving the antennae unprotected.

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