it’s “Bring Yourself To Work Day”


Did you know today is the 10 Millionth ‘Bring Yourself To Work Day’?  If you’re at work, be sure to take a moment to celebrate.

* Ed. note: I realize this isn’t original content, but there are a few other sites with some good randomness. is very random, although sometimes they get too vulgar with their humor (for my tastes).  However, this article is clean.  So I decided to share it with our readers.  If you prefer only authentic Buffet o’ Blog (TM) brand humor, then don’t follow links to third-party websites.  We are not responsible for the content of other sites.  (We’re barely even responsible with our own content!  AWW-RIGHT!  I’m just funnin’ now…)  Stay tuned, because more original, exclusive randomness is just around the corner.


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Laughing is good for you. So this blog is a buffet of randomness and humor. Most of the content here is original and thus exclusive to this site. I encourage everyone to participate in the comments section -- it makes it more fun for everyone.

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  1. I forgot and left myself at home. I tried to go back home and get me, but apparently I had left to get lunch for us. I tried to find me, but all I found was a full-length mirror. As I was looking at myself thinking of me I thought to myself “where would I go to get lunch for us?” I pondered on me for some time until I remembered that I liked Captain D’s and that I took myself there on my first date with me. Being the romantic, I knew that I would find myself buying me lunch. I promptly ran to the car and drove to Captain D’s. As I ran through the door, there I was. I was buying me lunch, and I was so sweet to me. I left with me and took me to work so that I could show me off to my coworkers. This straight-jacket has caused a rash…

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