post-Halloween videos


Halloween has come and gone, so to conclude the Halloween “season”, I present a couple of videos you might enjoy.  The first one is a blonde woman explaining how Halloween costumes are dangerous.  Be glad she’s not your mom!

The second video is a Transformer-like costume, where it actually transforms from a robot to a car.  There are links to other ones on the page, but this is the best one I saw of them.


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Laughing is good for you. So this blog is a buffet of randomness and humor. Most of the content here is original and thus exclusive to this site. I encourage everyone to participate in the comments section -- it makes it more fun for everyone.

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  1. Yeah, glad my mom wasn’t like that… that was pretty funny though… & the transformer outfit is awesome… I think I’m gonna try & build one of those for next year… 🙂 maybe your R&D department could help us out with a listing of the most awesome-est costumes ever… 🙂

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