Monday the 13th


If people dread Friday the 13th, considering it bad, how much worse is Monday the 13th?  Think about it…

(That was today, in case you didn’t notice…)


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Laughing is good for you. So this blog is a buffet of randomness and humor. Most of the content here is original and thus exclusive to this site. I encourage everyone to participate in the comments section -- it makes it more fun for everyone.

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  1. Good point! That is far worse! Least on Friday the 13th you have a few days to get over any demonic actively you may have encountered. On Monday the 13th your exposed to H**L all week long! :Oo

  2. Demonic activity?!? I ain’t havin’ that!

    “I told you once I be the demon head choppa, the casket droppa, the glak-cocka, the Mr. Ready to hit em’ up like 2-Paca. The demon body bag zipper-upper, the demon bucker, the one who got demons and beans on his plate for supper.”

    ~ from Demon Executor

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