Burger King commercials


Have you seen the Burger King commercial where some moms are in a car and are trying to run down “The King”?  (That is, the funny-looking Burger King guy, not Elvis.)  They are running over street signs and various other items on the side of the road.  There’s a small disclaimer that says “professional driver”, but I’m not so sure about that…  I mean, it was some women driving all over the road, running over stuff…  Maybe the disclaimer is just some legal “fine print” that is required so they don’t get sued…

I tried to find a video of it, and I’m sure it’s online somewhere, but I’m not going to search too long for it.  I do have a life.  🙂  But during my search on YouTube, I found a few others for Burger King that you might enjoy.

Mr. T made a commercial for Burger King in 1985.

And here’s one called “Simpsonize Me“, and it’s a promotion for the Simpsons Movie.  There’s also a commercial promoting the Krusty Burger, where Krusty fights The King.


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