a strange specialty tea


All of the staff here at Buffet o’ Blog enjoy drinking tea.  It is truly one of nature’s best beverages.  We normally don’t drink the different varieties, preferring Southern-style sweet iced tea.

However, while perusing a place’s selection of free tea bags for sampling, we found one that a certain reader here might enjoy.  It’s called “Orange & Spice Herb Tea”, but it’s what it’s made of that might make it interesting for a particular reader.  The ingredients are: “rose hips, spices, hibiscus flowers, orange peel, roasted chicory, natural orange flavors”.

To me, that doesn’t sound very appealing, being made of flowers and orange peels.  But some people have a special interest in flowers and tea, so they might be interested in trying this.


About Buffet o' Blog

Laughing is good for you. So this blog is a buffet of randomness and humor. Most of the content here is original and thus exclusive to this site. I encourage everyone to participate in the comments section -- it makes it more fun for everyone.

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