a strange question at a gas station


The other day I walked into a convenience store to get a candy bar, and they asked me, “Do you have gas?”

(Obviously they were talking about purchasing gasoline for my vehicle, or at least I hope so.  It’s somewhat disconcerting when strangers ask about my flatulence status.)


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Laughing is good for you. So this blog is a buffet of randomness and humor. Most of the content here is original and thus exclusive to this site. I encourage everyone to participate in the comments section -- it makes it more fun for everyone.

3 responses »

  1. Flatuation is an innapropriate subject in a public forum – that is must my take on things.

    I could be wrong.

    Would somebody pull my finger and let’s all analyze this subject?

    HEP’Kat 24/7

  2. i am an estudent from a far away land and yet I love me some los amigo…

    and I find Mobo hair to be superbly absurd.

    for thise reason do you find me odd?


    Alesandro – never abbrev. my name

  3. HEP’kat, you’re gonna low-rate “flatuation”, yet weren’t you recently talking about how some “dirty chips did you wrong”, mentioning something about a “refried breeze”? (FYI, for others reading, the dirty chips were nachos covered with chili.)

    Alesandro Budro, Why did you start talking about Mobo when the post was about flatulence? 😮

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