caption contest, dolphin on test track


It’s time for another caption contest!  Same rules as always: write a caption for this photo, from whatever point of view you’d like.  Just remember to follow the language rules here.

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  1. Scientist #1: Wow, so uh…Bob’s a fish now. That new laser is pretty cool!
    Scientist #2: Hey Bob, if you can hear me – I TOLD YOU SO!

  2. Scientist#1: I think we need a new dolphin… this one is broken.
    Scientist#2: yeah, He’s not even looking the right way! so much for that theory that dolphins are smart as humans. I didn’t see mr. dolphin coming up with our brilliant idea to do the course testing here rather than in the water… I hate getting wet.
    Scientist#1: Besides the cones kept floating a way…
    Scientist#2: Yeah, This is much better!

  3. Flipper froze in his tracks as he encountered the sheer evil that emanated from the orange traffic cones while the two dolphin-hating evil genius wannabes looked on in sadistic glee.

  4. Scientist #1: I wonder if that dolphin came out here on porpoise?

    Scientist #2: Let’s take this animal back to the lab.

    Scientist #1: I don’t think Rover likes fish.

  5. It looks like we have a classic case of a pilot not watching where he was going. Isn’t there a dolphin crossing sign next to this runway?

  6. Scientist: There’s something fishy going on around here. Yeah, I know it’s technically a mammal, but it would sound even more stupid to to say that something mammally was going on around here.

  7. This used to be a dolphin crossing, yes. Some 50 bazillion years ago there was water here. This is the result of global warming!

    P.S., All of you need to buy my movie on DVD so I can buy more carbon credits, and thus save the world!

  8. …and so it turns out that SeaWorld is just giving these things away.

  9. Scientist #1: Whoa! What happened here?
    Scientist #2: He’s dead, Jim.
    Scientist #1: Well, how in the horse hair did that happen?
    Scientist #2: Crap on it, Jim! I’m a scientist, not a doctor!

  10. The trap door we installed on John McCain’s new “toilet recliner” on the above picture works great! And evidently, he really likes Chicken of the Sea.

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