caption contest, clown vs soldiers


How about another caption contest…   Excited?   Yes, you should be.  Let us get to the picture then.   I think most of you understand how this works by now.   (If not, just write something funny about this photo.)

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

8 responses »

  1. This was the last time anyone called Pvt. Klownington “silly”. Now you all get sprayed with my Sooper Soaker. Yes…you all get…”the squirts!” Da-Da-Ching!

  2. Booboo T. Clown had had enough of all the wussiness of France. He figured he could conquer their whole military with a squirt gun, and not even have to put on camo. And so far, his plan appears to be working.

  3. Soldier in back: “Somebody should stop this madman!”

    Other soldier: “I’m scared of clowns!”

    Yet another soldier: “Me, too! AHHHH!”

    [Yes, it’s silly, but look at the picture again after reading it.]

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