caption contest, explosion behind man


A new week, a new caption contest.  All you have to do is explain what’s going on here.  So add your commentary and captions.

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  1. The antichrist, Tony Blair dreams of the destruction he will leave in his wake some day. Oh, and in this dream, he takes video of it with his cell phone so he can watch it again and again and send it to his mom.

  2. Villain from the Power Rangers [offscreen]: Why aren’t you falling down from my explosion? It’s always worked before!

    Tony: I never understood why the Power Rangers fell down from an explosion some 100 feet behind them. But that show is just lame in general.

    Villain: GRRR!

  3. It was bad times for the campers when Tony had canned bean dip for three straight days then stood next to the campfire…

  4. This is Joe Reporter, coming to you live from the abandoned warehouse building. As you can see, we have live footage of the explosion as it is happening. Because this is Action Cool News 5, where we not only report the news, we make the news happen!

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