caption contest, chicken on a motorcycle


It’s that time again… time for a CAPTION CONTEST!

As usual, write a caption for the photo below.  You can write from any point-of-view — yours, the main people in the picture, people in the background, people off-screen, an overly-dramatic narrator, whatever.  Just keep it clean.  Yes, it’s that simple.


(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)


24 responses »

  1. After falling on hard times, Foghorn Leghorn finally found his true calling…EXTREME MOTOCROSS!!! That’s a joke…I say, that’s a joke, son.

  2. As the blood-stained chicken asked for directions to the nearest truck stop, Jeff came to a startling realization. That was, in fact, Farmer John’s bike…

  3. Chickens shouldn’t be that big! I blame it on global warming!

    P.S. Everyone should buy my mockumentary on global warming, so I can raise enough money to save the planet from ultimate doom! 1-800-BIG-FRAUD. Call now… operators are standing by.

  4. Normal guy: You won’t attempt the jump over 20 school buses, because YOU’RE A CHICKEN!

    Chicken: No, actually, I’m a rooster.

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