caption contest, girl shooting sniper rifle


Here’s your weekly caption contest.  Yes, it’s yours.   It belongs to us all.  We all get to participate in the creation of funny captions, and we all get to share in the reading and subsequent laughter.

This week’s picture features a special forces soldier (who’s dressed somewhat like a ninja) teaching a little girl how to shoot a sniper rifle.  Explain what’s going on here…

girl learning to shoot sniper rifle

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  1. Times were tough for Snake Eyes after the G.I. Joe cartoon was cancelled. During the “lost years” he could be found most days manning the sniper booth at the local children’s carnival.

  2. Soldier: “Don’t worry ma’am. She doesn’t need to hit the target. We just need her prints on the gun.”

  3. Special Weapons and Tactics With The Stars! This week: Dakota Fanning and Cloris Leachman snipe hostage takers in downtown Santa Monica! Check your local listings!

  4. Girl: “This gun isn’t nearly cool as the M-60 my daddy keeps in the basement with his other… oh wait. Daddy told me not to talk about that!”

  5. When the NRA and the Girl Scouts of America joined forces, everybody thought they were crazy. Who’s laughing now?

  6. In Soviet Russia terrorists don’t kill children, children kill terrorists.
    NOTE: picture is indeed made in Russia, the patch on the sptesnaz soldier uniform is from over there.

  7. No, it’s not Russia. It’s Ukrain. This is special police forces soldier. Team “BERKOOT” (means:”Golden eagle”). Like SWAT in USA. Sniper rifle – russian “SVD”.
    By the way, do not worry about girl’s eyes. There is a special rubber tread on the SVD sniper scope.

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