caption contest, kid reading newspaper on toilet


Here we go, another week, another Monday, just like clockwork.  Also, another caption contest.   This week’s funny picture was sent in by a regular reader (who credits the infamous bacon and cheese diet for his regularity).  This picture features a little kid / baby sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper.  Obviously it’s been altered already, but we’ll use it anyway and see what happens.

So think of funny stuff to explain this picture or to add a story to it.   Remember, you get to write the story however you want to — you can base it on world events in the news, you can embellish a story, or you can even invent your own.  Just whatever you do — make it funny.

kid reading newspaper on toilet

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)


19 responses »

  1. Reading about Obama’s policies gives me gas. I’ll never get off of here if I don’t quit reading this newspaper!

  2. Fab’s version of Benjamin Button. Go three rounds with Los Amigos in your 30’s, emerge from the bathroom a toddler.

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