caption contest, Darth Vader in a race car


Would it be a Monday without a caption contest here?  Well, unfortunately, it would be.  Mondays are inevitable, I’m afraid.   (Although, if you could find a way to make Monday part of the weekend, you’d be famous forever!  You’d be considered a hero!)   Anyway, I digress.  It’s a Monday, which is most everyone’s least favorite day, and that’s why we put the weekly caption contest on a Monday — to make it better.  So here goes.

This week’s caption contest features the infamous Darth Vader in a race car.  I don’t remember this from any of the movies…  So it’s up to you to figure out what might be the explanation behind this.

Darth Vader in a race car

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  1. After Emperor Obama implemented a cap-and-trade tax on anti-matter, the fleet had to be grounded, forcing a return to old-school transportation.

  2. Darth Vader at the dealership: I haven’t felt a car with this much power since…(randomly walks away)

  3. No matter how hard he tried, Darth Vader could not go fast enough to outrun his past as the most-hated Jedi that Star Wars geekdom has ever known.

  4. In an effort to make NASCAR exciting and attract an audience, racing officials will now co-sponsor NASCAR races and Sci-Fi conventions at the same time, thereby bringing EVERYONE in the U.S. without a life to the same place every week.

  5. Just came across a great car hauler. uhaul sells out their used car trailers anlong with their used trucks. I bought one and it works great

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