caption contest, plane approaching runway with people on it


It’s time for another caption contest.  Instead of me rambling on for a while (like normal), let’s get right to it.   🙂

Here’s your photo for this week.  Write something funny to explain what’s going on.

plane approaching runway with people on it

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12 responses »

  1. “This is your Captain speaking. Landing might be a little touchy today. They’re putting the finishing touches on it as I speak. I only hope they finish by the time I finish my approach.”

  2. Worker: “Shouldn’t someone from the control tower tell this guy the runway isn’t ready yet?”

    Manager: “Uhh… we haven’t built the control tower yet!”

  3. guys on ground looking at each other “if she couldn’t even drive a car, what made them think she could fly a plane?! run for it!!!”

  4. There is noticeably a great deal of dollars to comprehend this. I assume you produced certain good points in attributes also.

    • Uhh… parse your words in the proper order they are not.

      Maybe what you meant (other than spam) is that landing on your crew will cost a great deal of dollars and there is noticeably no way to comprehend it. I’m not sure what the “certain good points” would be… maybe if it was a video game where you got bonus points for spectacular crashes…

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