caption contest, big rock with people in front


Wouldn’t you know it?   It’s time for another caption contest!   This week’s photo features a big rock with some people in what appears to be a dangerous position.   So you can write about what could happen or what already happened.  And of course you can make your caption from the point-of-view of anyone in the picture or of someone watching it.  Really, you can put about anything you want, as long as it’s relevant to the picture and it’s funny.

big rock with people in front

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12 responses »

  1. Behold one of the relics from the Cold War of the Middle Ages. This rock is the warhead from an ICTM (InterContinental Trebuchet Machine)

  2. If evolution were true, and given the fact that rocks have fallen in landslides for all time, shouldn’t these people know better than to sit there?

  3. After undergoing the shrinking process that made them microscopic in size, these kids realized just how big the mole on their mom’s leg could be while sitting in her lap one day while she was wearing shorts. Hairs were so big they looked like signposts. And who were those other tiny people walking around?

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