caption contest, man with weird invention on head


Well, it’s Monday and I have a headache.  So it’s definitely not my favorite day this week.   But perhaps a caption contest will make me feel better.  I’ll post a funny picture so you can write funny captions for it.  Laughter works like a medicine, so that should help.

This week’s photo features a man with some strange contraption on his head.   I have no idea what the actual context is, so just make something up.   (For ideas, you can make the man be whoever you want, or make up what the device does, or imagine what someone might say to him.)

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)


9 responses »

  1. “Now I’ll be able to read people’s thoughts! … Uhh, I can’t believe you thought that! I’m not THAT dorky! I’ll get married someday!”

  2. The final solution to ADHD has been regarded by some as a little extreme, but ensures that the subject is always paying attention, no matter how much they roll their eyes.

  3. The latest accessory for an iPod owner obsessed with perfect sound quality, the iHead bores through the skull and delivers music directly to the brain, bypassing those pesky ears. Currently in beta testing, the procedure is 65.42% survivable.

  4. The Important Evil Genius (E.D) built this contraption to project his thoughts onto the wall, but he couldn’t figure out why he kept getting a blank image even when all the components were working properly…

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