caption contest, firefighters watching fire tornado


It’s even hotter than normal for August here in central Arkansas (as the last post so deftly explains), so I thought this week’s caption contest could have something to do with extreme heat.   I chose a picture of firefighters watching a fire tornado.  You get to write a caption explaining how this happened, or what the people are thinking, or what the cameraman is looking at instead of the fire tornado, or make up a story that’s somehow related to what’s happening in the photo.  Use your imagination…  see if you can surprise me…  🙂

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23 responses »

  1. Firefighter: “A tornado made of fire?!? Inconceivable!”

    Other firefighter: “You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means…”

  2. I love Arkansas; You find a few rednecks, add excessive amounts of alcohol, Supply them with guns, gas tanks, and an unlimited supply fuel, And you get art.

  3. In a misguided attempt to fight fire with fire, tanker planes dropped gasoline instead of water on this wildfire.

  4. I told Mango-Man he shouldn’t light farts after eating at Taco Bell 3 times in a row! Now look what he done did!

  5. Firefighter: “That’s something you don’t see every day…”

    Other firefighter: “And I hope I never see one again!”

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