caption contest, Volkswagen Bug modded way too much


This week’s caption contest features an inanimate object that moves.  🙂  It’s a Volkswagen Beetle (also known as a Volkswagen Bug), similar to Herbie.  It’s been heavily modded / junked / pimped-out / whatever you want to call it.  Why would someone do this to their car?  I don’t know.  Perhaps you can explain.  You can write a caption from any perspective — the car’s owner, the spouse or children of the car’s owner, the car itself, someone seeing this on the road, an antique car collector, etc.

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  1. Thomas Waynes car was a real pain to keep clean after he accidentily had it magnetized. In fact most people had a hard time realizing it was, in fact, a brown el camino. (there is an interesting back-story to that one)

  2. Contrary to how it appears, this is a redneck’s car. One night Jim Bob had a case of beer and found a tube of crazy glue lying about, and this is the result.

  3. Wife: “Honey, where is the junk we were gonna put in the garage sale?”

    Husband: “Uhh… I don’t know. But it’s definitely not in the garage.”

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