Who wouldn’t want a flamethrower?


I have my computer setup to rotate through a certain folder of pictures for my wallpaper, and recently this was the picture:

Click image for a larger version (which makes a great wallpaper).

My wife came in the room, and I pointed to this and said I want one of these for Christmas.  Without missing a beat, she asked, “What would you do with it?”  I figured I shouldn’t get too elaborate (because that might concern her), so I said, “To burn stuff.”  Vague, I know, but women seem to not appreciate things like flamethrowers…  I don’t get it — how could it not be awesome?  There’s no shortage of ideas that would be awesome to try if I had a flamethrower (especially a military-grade flamethrower like the one shown above).

What would you do if you had a flamethrower?


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  1. Think of it this way…
    Most people own guns for self-defense and are typically useful in protecting your home/family. Imagine if you are a burglar stealing from the local webmaster of a highly acclaimed blog. And the webmaster walks out of his bedroom with a flameflower saying, “I smell chicken.”

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  3. That’s almost the exact response I get when ever I mention wanting something awesome like that. I think it must be a conspiracy. If it wasn’t for women, men everywhere would be walking around with rocket-launching, laser guided, pump-action flamethrowers.

    • we would also have other awesome things, like moats (with gators) around our house, monster trucks in the driveway, and a bacon dispenser on the fridge. wouldn’t that be the life?

    • I think it’s time we put our foot down! Women get all kinds of concessions / compromises, like new furniture, curtains, repainting, new appliances, etc. We should get a few things, like the stuff mentioned above, and a game room.

      • I fully support you comrade! Let me know how the Glorious Revolution works out for you.

      • Reminds me of that scene from The Blues Brothers in the Soul Food Cafe: “Listen, I love you, but I’m the man and you’re the woman…”

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