Smurfs movie trailer


Have you heard that there’s a Smurfs movie in the works?  Yes, all ’80s cartoon franchises are subject to being made into movies.  You can watch the trailer here:

Honestly, I don’t have high hopes for this movie.  But the involvement of Neil Patrick Harris is promising.

The trailer gives the impression that they’re going to overdo the use of “smurf” as a means-everything word.  If there’s that many in the trailer, how many will there be in the movie?

I find it kinda ironic that one of the Smurfs has a Scottish accent.  Weren’t they all from one location?  Isn’t it odd that one (and possibly only one) of them would have such a different accent?  Oh, wait, I probably shouldn’t try to make this realistic at all.  And I’m certainly not complaining, because I like hearing a Scottish accent.  At least it’ll have that going for it.


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