caption contest, guy in weird helmet


After an extended hiatus, let’s get things back to normal by restarting the weekly caption contest.  This week’s photo has a man wearing a weird-looking helmet with several military officers looking on.  I really have no idea what’s going on here.  Is it some secret government research?  Is it a prank or joke?  Is it bad fashion?  It’s up to you.

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  1. guys in helmet: i’ve DONE it! i’ve created the first bulletproof helmet. sure I can’t see or hear anything, but that’s a far shot better than a bullet in the eye!”

  2. this was that awkward moment when bill realized that his ‘fart filtration system (with activated carbon)’ did nothing to dampen the noise created, and alas, it only protected him from the smell. His coworkers were NOT impressed. his life dream, of a utopia, where he could safely break wind without fear of retribution was slowly slipping away.

  3. Guy in helmet: “This new helmet protects you from radiation from atomic bombs.”
    Guy in back: “That would be good if we were in some futurama-type society where your severed head could still function.”

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