caption contest, Darth Vader and Ronald McDonald


This week our caption contest features two famous celebrities — Darth Vader and Ronald McDonald.  Why are they together?  That’s a good question.  Hopefully you can think up some good answers.  🙂  Of course, even if you don’t contribute a funny answer, you can read what others have come up with.

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  1. Because modern culture was deemed the work of the devil, brother’s Billy and Johnny were never allowed to read comics or watch tv. They were though allowed to go trick or treating each year with their friends.

    “Mum, are you sure these costumes you made for us are the Joker and Batman?”

  2. This picture is classified. To get it, I had to sign confidentiality waivers and get tattoos. Understand the sacrifices I make.

  3. How does Darth Vader eat? Is there an explanation for how that works? Never thought about that before, but it seems like it wouldn’t be easy… In the movies, you rarely see people eat. They’re always conquering/saving the world, or creating relationship debacles, but they rarely stop to eat pizza. Personally, I always eat pizza while saving the world… 🙂 (cue sponsors now)

  4. Ronny and Darth showed up a little late for Wendy’s paternity hearing on account of late night gambling and other comaraderie among Maury’s guests that day. Bets were taken on whether she had inherited Ronny’s red hair or Darth’s expanding middle-aged wasteline.

  5. My personal hypothesis? The Death Star (version 3) was going over budget because of minion unions, so Darth Vader bought out McDonald’s to get free food. You heard it here first. Evidence pending.

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