caption contest: car wreck – how did this happen


We haven’t had a caption contest recently, so let’s get that restarted.  It’s real simple to play — think of something funny / humorous to go with this picture.  The only rule is to keep it clean.  And regardless of whether you have anything to contribute, you can enjoy the comments other people leave, too.

car between buildings

Let me also add that comments usually pour in over the next week, so this is the type of post that it’s good to check back on.  You can also subscribe to the comments (whether for just this post or all comments) if you would rather be notified that way.

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  1. One of my life philosophies is to make the best of each situation. This problem is gonna require some creative thinking. Let’s see… okay, I know — honey, go get the flamethrower…

  2. Insurance agent: “How in the world did you manage to do that?”
    Driver: “It was ninjas!”
    Insurance agent: “Ninjas?!? None of the witnesses reported seeing a ninja.”
    Driver: “Of course not — they’re ninjas! Duh…”

  3. I’ve had to help women out of precarious parking situations before, but this will require more than good driving skills to resolve.

  4. [just before the wreck]

    Hidden Camera Prank announcer: “We’ve secretly replaced his gasoline with nitrous oxide. Let’s see if he notices.”

  5. TW’s revolutionary patented idea for a space saving ‘park vertical’ parking lot was not panning out as well as he had hoped.

  6. Since it’s probably totalled anyway (and will be damaged further trying to get it out), we might as well blow it up. Fortunately I have some dynamite with me…

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