We now offer several subscription options at Buffet o’ Blog.  Please read all options before selecting, as our menu items have changed.

* Facebook — All new posts are automatically published on our Facebook page.  It doesn’t show the comments here (which are part of the fun), but you can always click through.

* RSS feed — If you use a feed reader to keep up with your favorite blogs and news sites, we offer that feature.  Here is the link to receive the posts via RSS feed: https://buffetoblog.wordpress.com/feed/.  Some feed readers automatically pull the comments, but if yours doesn’t, you can subscribe to the comments feed with this link: https://buffetoblog.wordpress.com/comments/feed/.

* e-mail — There is an Email Subscription box in the sidebar of each page.  If you subscribe by e-mail, it would be good to add the e-mail address to your address book, so it won’t get flagged as spam sometimes.

One advantage to receiving the posts via e-mail and/or Facebook is that it’s easy to forward to your friends, if you read one and think of someone who would enjoy it.  We don’t mind if you share it with your friends.  Just forward it in its entirety, so it will include the links back to the blog (in case they want more, and so we’ll get credit).

Hopefully some of these options will be convenient for you.  If not, you can always visit the blog every day.  🙂

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