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funny costumes, pt 2


Here’s some more pictures of costumes for Halloween, parties, conventions, etc.  The first funny costumes post featured superhero costumes, so this one will be more random.   Some are from popular franchises like Star Wars and Halo, and there are some creative and well-done ones in here, too.  Feel free to comment on any of them, if you have something funny to add.

costume - Chef Vader serving Jar Jar Binks

Chef Vader serving Jar Jar Binks

costume - dogs in fast food costumes

Here's some "LOL dogs".

costume - green army man

If you want to be a generic green army man, you can buy this costume.

costume - Halo costume

This is the hero, Master Chief, from Halo 3. This one will be popular! You can get a cheaper one for $68.95, but the "supreme edition" (shown) is $779.99.

costume - Pimp Vader and Leisure Suit Boba Fett

Pimp Vader and Leisure Suit Boba Fett

costume - witch with frog soup

witch with cauldron of frog soup

costume - Zoltar

Zoltar, from the movie "Big". This is very well-done! It's not for sale, but at this link they tell how they made it.

Once again this is getting long, so I’ll put the rest in another post.   Here’s a link to search for the other funny costumes posts.