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Einstein, ACME, and science


A while back I read an article about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and it had a few statistics that seem somewhat embellished to me.  Now, I’m no scientist, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  And because of the anonymity of the Internet, I could be the smartest person in the room (as far you know).  Whether any of that is factual or not is largely irrelevant to this discussion, because we’re going to have fun with it.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Winding the solenoid coil of the CMS [Compact Muon Solenoid] took five years to complete. When it is fully operational, it will generate a magnetic field 100,000 times stronger than the one produced by the Earth.

What could possibly go wrong?  I first think of a super magnet that Wile E. Coyote bought to catch Bugs Bunny.  It was a 10,000,000,000 volt electric magnet, in a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit sold by ACME (of course).

Actually, there’s a structure made with 12,000 tons of iron to bridle the lines of the magnetic field in the LHC so normal stuff won’t get disturbed.  So they say…  Next!

Components are assembled for A Large Ion Collider Experiment, a.k.a. ALICE, an experiment to measure the matter created in the extraordinarily high temperatures — estimated at 100,000 times hotter than the sun — that existed after the Big Bang and that will be created by the particle collider.

The Earth picks up only 0.45 billionth of the sun’s daily energy output, yet that is more than 239 trillion horsepower each day.  I realize there’s more to energy than heat, but I still question their estimate.  And even more so, I wonder what their electrical bill is…  And upon further thought, would a device creating heat that’s 100,000 times hotter than the sun contribute to global warming any?  Something has to happen to the heat — you can’t just flush it down the toilet — there are those pesky laws of thermodynamics…  🙂

Speaking of ACME, they had everything, didn’t they?  Did you know that the Animaniacs helped Einstein figure out the theory of relativity by singing the ACME song to make him feel better about himself?  I never learned that in school…

But wait, there’s more!  While watching the Wile E. Coyote video with the super magnet, I noticed it said “Zajaxi Dynamos” on one of the boxes instead of ACME.  Maybe it was a subsidiary?  I have no idea.  I’ve never noticed that before and never heard of that, so I googled it, and would you believe my search returned ZERO (0) results?  There is something that’s been around for decades for which Google had no answer whatsoever!  I’ve always figured you could find anything on the Internet, but I just proved otherwise.

So now let Buffet o’ Blog be the FIRST WEBSITE EVER to mention “Zajaxi Dynamos”!  How many times can you say your website is the first to ever do something in the history of the Internet?  We should win an award…  🙂

And since there’s no reference to what that phrase stands for, I suppose we can make it up.  Any ideas?


Why are there shows that aren’t cartoons on Cartoon Network?


Here at Buffet o’ Blog we often write about random things that are funny, although sometimes we’ll comment on a random event that is stupid.  This is one of the latter.

There’s a television channel called Cartoon Network.  What would you expect them to show?  Cartoons, right?  For years that’s all they showed.  In recent years, the quality of the cartoons on the channel have went down (in my opinion), and perhaps that’s part of their motivation in how they’re shaking things up.  They’re now showing some TV shows and movies that are not animated.  What’s up with that?!?

There’s plenty of channels to show non-cartoons, but there’s a shortage of cartoons on TV these days, and now what was previously the best channel for watching cartoons is going away from it somewhat.  This is quite disturbing.  What’s happening to the world?

It’s not like there’s some shortage of good cartoons.  There’s a lot of them off the air that should be shown more often.  You want I should list a few?  How about Looney Toons, Popeye (the old ones), Pink Panther, Batman: The Animated Series, Superfriends (all versions), Justice League, Scooby Doo, Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K. (does anyone else remember that show?), Freakazoid, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Ren & Stimpy, Kenshin, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Cartoon Planet (with Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak — they really should bring it back since it’s apparently not ever coming out on DVD), The Tick, Futurama, etc.  Even Masters of the Universe (He-man), as cheesy as it was at times, is better than some of the modern stuff.

Okay, if they would show even just HALF of these cartoons, they could mix in some new stuff (and pick the best of it), and have a very successful channel.  So why aren’t they doing this?  Are times that bad financially that they have to pick the cream of the crap?  Or is someone tightening the budget to squeeze more profits?  Or are the people in charge so confused that they prefer the really childish, nonsensical stuff that often fills the station these days?  Either way, maybe they should put me in charge.  🙂