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funny pictures, episode 15


Welcome to another edition of funny pictures.  Do I need to say more?

Do the iPod and iMac designs look so original now? A quick glance online shows that this could be intentional.

It wasn’t quite that bad… at least most of the time…

Uhh… although that would be really random…

Isn’t it amazing what difference a little CGI can make?

Supposedly this was an actual game for the Atari 2600. Judging by the title, I really don’t know what to think. Are there tanks or not?

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caption contest, tough guy


It’s time for another caption contest!  (Well, past time, but my schedule has been somewhat discombobulated lately.)

This week’s picture features a guy who is looking tough (or at least trying to).  There’s no background info, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  You can create circumstances however you see fit — whether with current events or in the past, whether he’s part of a singing group or a long-lost relative or even one of your friends.  (I have a feeling Mango-Man will be brought into this one…)  Other ideas: what is he thinking?  What does his friends think?  What is his job?  The only rules are to make it funny and keep it clean.  Have fun!

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new music that’s funny and random


I recently heard about a new music album that is both funny and random, so naturally it’s a good fit for this blog.  The album is called “Bringin’ da Phat”, by DJ Turbo-Lax and MC Refried Breeze.  That should tell you something about it right there.  (I tell ya, you can find anything on the Internet!)  As you might surmise by the artist names, the songs have random acts of flatulence in them.  So that automatically divides the audience.  If you get offended by such things, you’ve been forewarned.  But if you can laugh at farting, you might hurt yourself laughing at these songs.

I listen to a lot of music, but I must admit I’ve never heard anything like this before.  The beat changes often, jumping between genres at will.  You will be surprised.  The vocal phrases and utterings combined with the sound effects are hilarious.  So perhaps it’s “toilet humor”, but it’s clean, other than the resulting skid marks.  Some of the beats jam, too.

You can listen to it for free at Spotify, although you have to install the player if you haven’t already.  It’s also available for purchase at eMusic, Amazon, and iTunes.  Of course you can listen to samples of the tracks on those last 3 sites.

Regarding the album art, yeah, it might be a low-budget production, but the sound quality is good, and in addition to hearing a cornucopia of beats, it will make you laugh.  Not many songs can say that.

So if you can stomach this kind of humor, I recommend checking it out.


Here in Arkansas, it’s been over 100 degrees every day, and it was for much of June, too (which is not normal and ain’t right).  In case you’re wondering why, here’s a picture that was taken today.

Apparently the Earth is about 12 feet from the Sun now.  That must explain why it’s crazy-mad hot now.

why it’s so hot

caption contest, space laser shooting house


For the next caption contest, I want to use a picture from a recent post.  (Hope that’s okay, because I’m doing it anyway!)  We recently talked about creating our own space laser inator, and one of the pictures showed a purple laser burning a house.  I have no actual context for this picture, but that matters not.  You get to make up the context.  (For those of you new here, you can write a story or joke to go with the picture.  The only rules are make it funny and keep it clean.)

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caption contest, protesters offering flowers to riot police


I’m finally getting the caption contest restarted.  Having a newborn around the house can wreck havoc on your schedule.  🙂

For those of you who are new subscribers, welcome, and you are welcome to participate in the caption contest.  (We also welcome the first-time guests.)  All you have to do is write something funny about the picture.  It’s that simple.  The only rule is to keep it clean.

This week’s photo features some type of protest, or so it appears — it can be any context you want to think up.  One of the guys is offering a peace flower to a policeman in full riot gear.  You can write from anyone’s perspective, even as an outsider or as yourself.  And if you don’t subscribe to the comments already, it’s good to subscribe to them at least on the caption contests, because that’s when they get really fun.

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You’ve won the lottery… oh, oops…


What would you do first if you won the mega jackpot in the lottery?  300 Danish people were recently told they had won between 1 billion and 280 billion crowns ($49.7 billion), but it turns out they had won only between $35 to $70.  It took an hour and a half to find and correct the mistake.  How would you like to be the lottery director who gets to inform these people of the mistake?

Three hundred Danes believed a dream lifestyle of champagne and caviar awaited them this week after they were announced billionaire lottery winners — until they discovered it was a mistake. …

“Three hundred of our lottery players who won the lottery, the Keno, received a message saying they had won a sum in the billions.  And they never won that amount … We are of course very sorry.  We have now written to them to inform them of the sum that they really won,” Roersig said. …

Roersig said some of the gamers “were disappointed, others were furious and I can fully understand that, but most of them took it well.”

I have a feeling that after all the excitement and jubilation, the words “very sorry” just aren’t much consolation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be some lawsuits in this scenario.  I figure some of the “winners” already quit their job and starting buying expensive stuff.  The lottery director said he’s considering increasing their winnings to help compensate for their disappointment.  I’m curious how much that would be.

I wonder if any of the “winners” sent an e-mail to their boss saying something along the lines of “take this job and shove it”.  If you know the song by that title, are you singing it yet?  It’s one of those that can get stuck in your head.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it was a #1 hit in 1978, written by David Allan Coe and covered by Johnny Paycheck.

Anyway, I also wonder how many of those people later sent an e-mail to their boss saying “I’ve always appreciated your ability to take a joke” or “My computer got a virus and sent these crazy e-mails to everyone”.  🙂

If you aren’t familiar with that song or haven’t heard it in a while, it’s (of course) all over the YouTube.  But here’s one version I remember seeing from the Dukes of Hazzard, where Johnny Paycheck got caught in one of Boss Hogg’s infamous celebrity speed traps and thus had to sing at The Boar’s Nest.  Classic stuff here…

Boss’ reactions to the main hook are awesome.  That’s one of the best TV shows of all time.

I wonder how many people have written about the lottery and the Dukes of Hazzard at the same time…  🙂