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funny pictures, episode 14


More funny pictures, ‘nuf said.

Not that protesting is necessarily wrong… but camping out for weeks or months just isn’t feasible if you have a job.

Merry & Pippin convince the Ents they have a faster way to Isengard.

I sure hope someone didn’t really write that. I’m scared to look…

So maybe it’s technically not funny, but it’s a somewhat lighthearted way of looking at a serious issue that’s been getting a lot of press lately.

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caption contest, Valentine’s Day edition


Since today is Valentine’s Day, this week’s caption contest will feature a picture of the romantic couple variety.  But there is still plenty of room for humor in the photo (besides all the potential humor, satire, and irony of a relationship).   There is no context provided with this picture, although a few things just to mind.  So you get to figure out what’s going on here.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started: Why is he wearing a pink hat?  Why are they together?  What are they thinking?  What are their friends thinking?  What are you thinking?  You can create whatever backstory you want to set up your point or joke.  The only rules are — make it funny and keep it clean.

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The Comedy Ninja


The other day there was a spam comment here in the form of a trackback (link from another blog), and it said:

“This post was mentioned on Twitter by The Comedy Ninja, Chad_Lambert.”

I don’t think I’ve ever referred to myself as The Comedy Ninja, but it has a nice ring to it.   Is it possible to have a secret identity even to yourself?  Am I secretly a comedian without even knowing it?  I’m not a comedian in real life, though I have played one on the Internet.  And there was that time when I was but a child and I told my parents I would be a comedian when I grew up.  They just laughed and laughed, so I knew I was off to a good start…

lying to Congress is a serious crime


As you might’ve heard, Congress is investigating the possibility that baseball pitcher Roger Clemens lied to them under oath about his use of steroids.  Representative Henry Waxman, then the committee’s chairman, said perjury and false statements “are serious crimes that undermine the ability of Congress to perform its duties.”  True… but at the same time, I keep trying to imagine how a politician can accuse anyone of lying with a straight face, and I just can’t do it.  I mean, how many members of Congress have knowingly lied while on the job?  (I don’t think I want to know the statistics, because it would probably be very depressing.)

thunder and irony


This evening I was standing outside, watching a thunderstorm go by, just north of my house.  There were some kids outside, down the street.  One of the neighbors came outside to smoke, and said people need to take their kids inside because it’s thundering.  Yet she’s outside smoking a cigarette.  I started to ask her if she knows what irony is…

FYI, I’m not a storm chaser, though I sometimes wish I were.   I do like to take pictures of storms.  This picture is one I took a while back.  I keep hoping that tower will get struck sometime and I get a picture of it.

waste management and golf


Those two topics don’t seem to really go together, do they?  But I recently heard someone on TV talking about a golf tournament called the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  You’d think they could find a better-named sponsor than that…  Of course, waste management is an important business — someone’s gotta do it — but the name doesn’t really imply a high-prestige golf tournament, in my opinion.  I know the tournament sells the naming rights to make money, but perhaps a line should be drawn somewhere…

And why is a waste management company spending big bucks on advertising?  They could just use a slogan like “We’ll take your crap!”  People would talk about that on their own, obviously.

caption contest, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel


Most of the caption contests here use pictures loaded with randomness, but this week I’m going to use a political photo, so we can try to make some political humor.  This photo is of President Barack Obama relaxing, while his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is on the phone.  I have no idea what the actual context of this picture is, but who needs context?  We get to make it up, which is what makes it fun!

Just remember to keep the comments funny and clean.  You can make political statements, but make them funny (whether laugh-out-loud or satire or irony).  This isn’t the place for serious long-winded rants about why your preferred political party is great and/or the other party siphons.  (Comments violating this rule may be deleted, per the site’s rules.)   Of course you can reference current political events, or you can make up any context you want.  Have fun with it!

Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel

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