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cashier beatboxing


Here’s a video of Beardyman at a supermarket / grocery store, where he starts out as a bored cashier but gets inspired to do some beatboxing along the way.  If only the cashiers at Walmart could do this…

He has a number of other videos out, and he performs live, too.  If you care to experience more of his “beatology”, here’s a music video of DOLBYMAN featuring Beardyman performing all the parts, which covers several musical genres.



new music that’s funny and random


I recently heard about a new music album that is both funny and random, so naturally it’s a good fit for this blog.  The album is called “Bringin’ da Phat”, by DJ Turbo-Lax and MC Refried Breeze.  That should tell you something about it right there.  (I tell ya, you can find anything on the Internet!)  As you might surmise by the artist names, the songs have random acts of flatulence in them.  So that automatically divides the audience.  If you get offended by such things, you’ve been forewarned.  But if you can laugh at farting, you might hurt yourself laughing at these songs.

I listen to a lot of music, but I must admit I’ve never heard anything like this before.  The beat changes often, jumping between genres at will.  You will be surprised.  The vocal phrases and utterings combined with the sound effects are hilarious.  So perhaps it’s “toilet humor”, but it’s clean, other than the resulting skid marks.  Some of the beats jam, too.

You can listen to it for free at Spotify, although you have to install the player if you haven’t already.  It’s also available for purchase at eMusic, Amazon, and iTunes.  Of course you can listen to samples of the tracks on those last 3 sites.

Regarding the album art, yeah, it might be a low-budget production, but the sound quality is good, and in addition to hearing a cornucopia of beats, it will make you laugh.  Not many songs can say that.

So if you can stomach this kind of humor, I recommend checking it out.

funny Christmas videos by Straight No Chaser


I just realized there are no videos here of Straight No Chaser.  I’m not sure how that happened, since these are funny and really well-done.

I know these aren’t new, but if you haven’t heard/seen them, you should check it out.  Even if you have seen these already, they’re worth seeing again.  FYI, the group is putting out new music, but here are their two classic Christmas songs.

First is “The Christmas Can-Can (Animated Version)”.  Someone made a video to go with the funny lyrics.

If you haven’t seen them perform it live, it’s amusing, too, and you can watch it on YouTube here: Straight No Chaser – The Christmas Can-Can (With A Special Greeting).

Lastly, here’s “The 12 Days of Christmas”, as only Straight No Chaser can sing it.

FYI, if you’re wondering what “can-can” refers to, it’s a high-energy and physically demanding dance.  The tune used is from Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld.  (Yes, I had to look that up.  I knew it was an old song, but didn’t know the actual name of it.)

unique art using music from Zelda


I recently came across a neat video on YouTube of a user named Sp0ntanius playing the Palace Theme from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on guitar and paper, and filmed it in 4 pieces with stop-motion video.  (Yes, using guitar and paper for instruments.)   This is a unique type of art.  If you ever played Zelda II on the original Nintendo (NES), you will remember this music and it will probably make you want to play it again.   (Well, if you never beat it, you may not want to play it again, but if that’s the case, you should play it again, because it’s a great game, and it’s definitely beatable — I can vouch for that.)

There’s also a video of this guy playing the “Song of Healing” from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, using only wine glasses, if you’re interested.

hair bands of the ’80s


The decade of the ’80s saw some tacky fashion trends, too many to name here, but one that stands out is the “hair band”, where guys in rock bands had long hair — sometimes even with perms. Ugh!

Be forewarned that the following pictures are not for the squeamish. If you can withstand the tackiness, look beyond the big hair and notice what some of them are wearing. I was a child of the ’80s, so fortunately I didn’t get too caught up in that craziness. But looking back, you have to wonder how in the world people thought that was cool!

hair bands from the '80s, 1

hair bands from the '80s, 2

hair bands from the '80s, 3

hair bands from the '80s, 4

hair bands from the '80s, 5

hair bands from the '80s, 6

Can anyone explain how that was ever considered fashionable? I have no idea… Did we just overlook that because some of the music was good? Could there be any other possible explanation?

free beats, in a live, spontaneous setting


It’s good to see someone promoting the arts in a free and creative way.  This guy provides free beats (via beatboxing) to anyone who would like to sing, rap, read poetry, or dance along.  This was done in New York City, where there is a large diversity of art and culture.  The results are interesting.

Yanni’s inspiration for his music


YanniFab called me the other night to tell me that Yanni was on TV, performing a concert.   I’m not a Yanni fan — his music makes me sleepy and bored — but it can be amusing / funny because some of his playing is so predictable, and because his “emotive acts” are over-acted.  He sometimes makes fist pumps during mellow music, and he waves his arms around at various times.  And in his music, there’s often a certain “turn” that appears in many songs multiple times.

Speaking of Yanni, I came across one of his quotes one time, and it reveals something about his life and why his music is like it is:

I take life’s experiences and translate them into music. ~ Yanni

What that says to me is that Yanni needs to get out more and get some excitement in his life!   He has put out a LOT of mellow music, so maybe he needs to add some exciting events to give him more exciting inspiration for his music.   Perhaps he could follow a professional or collegiate sports team, or watch action movies, or read this blog, etc.

Yanni has also said at times that he doesn’t listen to music.  That seems quite ironic, given that he is a musician.  I wonder what effect it would have on his music if he listened to some of the great music out there…