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Pizza Hut perfume


pizza-hut-perfume-colognePizza Hut has released their own brand of perfume, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Pizza Hut’s CMO said, “Eau de Pizza Hut is one of the most sought-after and rarest of scents available.”  I’ll give him rare, but “one of the most sought-after” seems somewhat embellished.  I like eating their pizza, but I’m not sure if it would be good for my wife to smell like cheese, dough, and tomato sauce all day…

When I first saw the headline, it seemed like April Fools Day — has it moved up this year?  🙂  Of course this is a promotional gimmick, and if you manage to acquire the free giveaway, it comes with a $20 gift card, which would be sought-after.  You have to tweet something specific to enter, so it will get lots of attention.  Who wouldn’t want free pizza?

By the way, if I win this, would it make an acceptable Valentine’s Day present to my wife?  She likes Pizza Hut…  🙂


new Pizza Hut crusts, plus our ideas


It’s not uncommon for American restaurants to feature cultural variations on their foods in other countries.  Even McDonald’s has some vastly different options around the world.  But what’s odd is when an American food company takes American-style food and offers it only in other countries.

If you click this picture to enlarge it, be forewarned that it will probably make you want to order pizza. If only I had a printer that could “print” out a real pizza like this when ordering online…

For example, Pizza Hut has several new types of crusts for their pizzas in the Middle East.  America has had the stuffed crust pizza for years, which is a great idea.  Now, in the Middle East, there is a crust with hot dogs in it, and there’s a crust that’s made up of mini cheeseburgers and one made with chicken nuggets.  That seems like something you’d have in the U.S. first.  Rumor has it they are considering bringing these crusts to the U.S.

Here’s some I’ve heard of (with the commercial linked so you can see it): Crown Crust Chicken (with chicken nuggets), Crown Crust Burger (with mini “burgers”), Star Pops Pizza (with “sausage pops”, which look like mini hot dogs).  Also of note, from Malaysia, there’s the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown, which has shrimp, fish, pineapple, and “crowns of cheesy liquid gold”.

I’m all for innovation, but I’m not sure those ideas above will make the pizza better.  The Buffet o’ Blog staff discussed this topic, and all of us agreed that the next logical evolution in pizza crust should be to add bacon.  Now there’s a can’t-miss idea, if implemented well.  Why hasn’t one of the pizza places thought of that?  (It’s obvious to us, which is just another sign that we should open a new restaurant, if we can acquire the necessary funding.)

Now if you want to think outside the box on improving pizza crust, here’s an idea: make the outer rim of crust breaded like southern fried chicken.  There might be logistical issues with making it work, but that’s what R&D departments are for.  If you could pull that off while maintaining the necessary texture and not having the crust absorb too much grease, it would be most awesome.  And then, as some of you are already thinking, add bacon to that.  🙂

We have more ideas, too, so, Pizza Hut (or other pizza restaurants), if you’re listening, have your people contact our people.  We’ll work for cash money and/or free food.  🙂

Should I get a salad?


The other day I went to Larry’s Pizza, and I wondered if I should get a salad.  Now, before you judge me, hear the rest of the story.  I realize that the official Buffet o’ Blog stance on the salad bar at Larry’s Pizza is that it’s there just for decoration.  I understand that and agree wholefartedly.  But this was a unique visit to the restaurant.

Accompanying me on this pizza quest was my wife, her mom, and her sister.  Predictably, they all got a salad to go with their all-you-can-eat pizza.  (Ironically, it’s impossible to eat all-you-can-eat pizza if you also eat a salad, since you’re wasting calories on greenery.)  Anyway, I am trying to lose weight (which is why I intentionally limit my trips there).  Also to consider is that it’s important to try to make a good impression on the in-laws.  Even though they know me by now, I still may be judged for what I do and don’t do, which can make life more complicated.

So now you understand my dilemma.  Obviously I don’t want to get a salad, and I especially don’t want to eat one there.  (I don’t know if their salad bar is good or not — I honestly have never looked at it closely.  All I see there is pizza!)  Of course my options were to either get a salad or not, but there are potentially even more options.  So I figured I’d put out a poll where you can vote on what I should’ve done.  I’m just curious what the general populace thinks on such issues.

Your vote is anonymous, and after you vote it will show you what the current tally is.

a call to eat pizza!


Click on this to be tempted!

Friends, Romans, countrymen!  Lend me an ear!

It has come to my attention that the Larry’s Pizza in Monticello has closed down.  While there could be many factors involved in one closing, I also learned that our local Larry’s Pizza is now closed on Mondays.  Together, these signs appear ominous!  I suspect economic problems.  The recession is tough on a lot of people, including businesses.

We must not let our local Larry’s Pizza close!  It is the best source for the legendary chicken-bacon-ranch pizza.  It is also one of the favorite meeting locations for the Buffet o’ Blog staff.

We must join together to support our favorite pizza restaurant!  Obviously extra trips to the buffet are necessary.  Can we count on your support?  Will you make the “sacrifice” of eating pizza more often, for the greater good?  We must all do our part!  Do not take this challenge lightly.  Spread the word to all your friends who like pizza.  Do what you can to save our best pizza eatery.

food critic, corn dog pizza


Someone today was talking to me about a corn dog pizza, and it reminded me of this picture I had saved for our food critic series.   I’ve never tried a corn dog pizza, and if I made one it wouldn’t be done quite like this.  But this picture is what it is, so let’s start with it.  What do you think about this food item, and how could it be made better?

the devil doesn’t like garlic


At our monthly annual business meeting at Larry’s Pizza last week, we all learned something new.  One of the waitresses brought a garlic chicken pizza by our table, and we were debating on whether we wanted any.  She informed us that it’ll keep the devil away.  That sounds like a good plan, so I ate a piece.  But we all thought the garlic effect applied to vampires, not the devil.  But perhaps the devil is a vampire…  I haven’t heard of that before, but I don’t have much to do with him, so I don’t know.  But I do know that I like eating at Larry’s Pizza, and apparently that makes my life better in several ways…

Man vs Food — Carnivore Pizza Challenge


One of my favorite new shows is Man vs Food on the Travel Channel.  I wish I had his job!   I don’t know where you sign up for such a position, so I’ll just watch the show and dream.   🙂

One of his challenges is to tackle the Carnivore Pizza with a friend.  (Here’s a commercial for that episode.)  The pizza comes from Big Pie in the Sky, a New York style pizzeria located in Kennesaw, GA.

carnivore pizza on man vs foodThere’s a video on the restaurant’s website which shows the pizza being made and describes it.  It also shows two guys being defeated by one pizza.  (Click here.)

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the awesome details.  The pizza is 30″ in diameter and weighs about 11 pounds.  There is about a pound of each of the following meats: Pepperoni, Beef, Italian Sausage, Ham, and Bacon.

The restaurant will give you $250 if you and a friend can finish it in one hour.  So far no team has been up to the task.  A few people have eaten their half, but the challenge is still unbeaten.

I’d like to attempt this, but to eat 5 1/2 pounds of meats and pizza crust in an hour, I don’t think that’s happening.   Back in high school, I’m fairly sure I could’ve eaten my half.  These days, I think my metabolism has stopped completely (I sure miss it!).  I can still eat a lot, but it takes more work to burn it off.  That said, I would still like to try this challenge.