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caption contest, Darth Vader on a swingset


We missed last week’s caption contest for various reasons, so perhaps this week’s should be double the awesome?  Well, I don’t know about that, but how about one with double the Darth Vaders?  It’ll have to do.  There’s some potential with this one, for both puns and Star Wars references, as well as original humor.  So put your thinking cap on (or take it off if that’s how your randomness flows better), and come up with something funny to explain this picture.

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funny pictures, episode 9


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared more funny pictures with everyone.  This set has no theme, covering everything from video game characters, to overthrowing dictators (world politics), the status of Pluto, and there might even be a pun for those of you who appreciate such “humor”.

Periodic Table of Video Game Characters -- how many can you name?

It sounds like regime change is contagious...

We could vote Pluto back to planetary status... it doesn't matter how many scientists are there to vote.

Fortunately you can now surf the Net on your cell phone or laptop.

Nun of them can drive...

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caption contest, martial arts fighting


This week we’ve got an exciting caption contest planned.  It’s an action-packed scene, full of fighting.   I don’t know if this is some kind of martial arts training exercise or an actual fight, but it looks like one guy is throwin’ the smack down!

As always, you get to write a funny caption for this picture, and it can be from any perspective: the fighters (any of them), an onlooker, an analyst, or whatever.  Or you can make a joke or pun about it.  Or you can write a backstory to give it context.  Or you can fit it into current world events.   Be creative.  Just make it funny and keep it clean.

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punny names for the swine flu


The swine flu has been a hot topic in the news lately.  But the novelty of the term “swine flu” is wearing off.  And the scientific name, H1N1, doesn’t sound like much.  So some people are coming up with alternate names for it.  (I don’t know who these people are, because I received the list in a forward from Turtle Dundee, and he didn’t come up with them, either.)  Here’s some alternate names for it (beware of puns):

* Hamthrax
* Hogthrax
* Spamthrax
* Tuporkulosis
* Porklio
* Hogmumps
* The Other Yellow Fever
* Pigfluenza
* Mad Sow Disease
* Sowbola
* Sowmonella
* Spammonella
* Bacon Fever
* Whooping Oink
* Bacon Pox
* Swineal Meningitis
* Porkbelly Fever

There you go.  If you enjoy puns, this probably made your day.  If you don’t like puns, I’m kinda surprised you’re still reading.  🙂  Or maybe you already quit reading.  I did.

caption contest, man in pig costume being arrested


It’s time for the next weekly caption contest, and do I have an unusual picture for you!  I may regret doing this, but I’m going to post a photo that has the potential for numerous puns.   (I’m not a huge fan of puns, if it isn’t obvious.  But I know some people are.  You can’t say I never do anything for my peoples.)  So write funny or punny captions for this picture of a guy in a pig costume getting arrested by the police.

man in pig costume being arrested

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caption contest, two people with phones on head


It’s just another manic Monday… which I will make better with a new caption contest!  This week’s photo goes way back — back into time — to an era when the world was still in black and white, and phone technology was still new.  I have absolutely no actual context for this picture, so I’m depending on you to figure out what could possibly be going on here.

two people with phones on head

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