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punny names for the swine flu


The swine flu has been a hot topic in the news lately.  But the novelty of the term “swine flu” is wearing off.  And the scientific name, H1N1, doesn’t sound like much.  So some people are coming up with alternate names for it.  (I don’t know who these people are, because I received the list in a forward from Turtle Dundee, and he didn’t come up with them, either.)  Here’s some alternate names for it (beware of puns):

* Hamthrax
* Hogthrax
* Spamthrax
* Tuporkulosis
* Porklio
* Hogmumps
* The Other Yellow Fever
* Pigfluenza
* Mad Sow Disease
* Sowbola
* Sowmonella
* Spammonella
* Bacon Fever
* Whooping Oink
* Bacon Pox
* Swineal Meningitis
* Porkbelly Fever

There you go.  If you enjoy puns, this probably made your day.  If you don’t like puns, I’m kinda surprised you’re still reading.  🙂  Or maybe you already quit reading.  I did.


a cold paradox and DayQuil


Isn’t it weird that when you have a fever, your body feels cold?   Your internal temperature is above normal, yet you feel colder than normal.  Some say it’s because your body’s thermostat (as controlled by your hypothalamus) sets the temperature higher, so despite being at normal temperatures, your brain says you’re cold, so you start shivering and getting chills.  So your brain is actually deceived (stupid hypothalamus!).  That explains why the common cold is considered a virus — it’s hacking your internal network, changing values and making the system malfunction.  It all makes sense now!

And on the subject of colds, here’s an idea for a funny video.  Have a hidden camera capture the facial reactions of people taking the liquidious version of DayQuil.  That is some nasty-tasting medicine!