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With today being election day and the predictions showing that it will be closer than it should be, it looks like half the voters will be disappointed when it’s all over.  So what better time for something funny?  Here’s more funny political pictures, to lighten the load.

I’m not sure Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane would do a better job than Obama or Romney, but they would be a LOT more entertaining!

Are zombies allowed to vote? Let’s hope not!

The government might as well sell it — they’ve already sold out on it.

Regardless of your stance on Obama’s policies, there is the very important issue of how we going to pay for it.

[A few weeks ago] Biden: “Shouldn’t we be fixing the economy instead of playing golf?” Obama: “Wait until we get closer to the next election. Then we’ll make things look better.”

Obama: Did I do that?

Kid, a lot of people are scared…

As always, if you have funny commentary to contribute to any of these pictures or topics, feel free to leave a comment.  (Just remember this is a humor site, so serious rants belong elsewhere.)

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plastic surgery for the dead


A growing trend in America is people buying plastic surgery for their dead relatives.  Some of the corpses are being treated with drugs like Botox to reduce wrinkles.  Is this the next big waste of money scheme?  This is stupid.

Although, I wonder if these people are afraid their relatives are going to return as zombies.  Perhaps this last-minute plastic surgery will help them look better if they return from the dead.  Because, as you might know, the undead have a history of looking very ugly and deformed.

Although, if zombies start looking like normal alive people, that could be quite dangerous!  This new trend must be stopped!